2016-03-16 Team Stoss Selected as a Winner of Van Alen Future Ground Competition
The Van Alen Institute with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority has announced the winners of the Future Ground competition, inviting multidisciplinary teams to generate flexible design and policy strategies to reuse vacant land in New Orleans. Team Stoss has been selected as one of three winners, contributing to the Six Key Strategies for Vacant Land in the Future City.

Led by Stoss, with Teresa Lynch of MassEconomics, Jonathan Tate of OJT, Liz Ogbu, Ann Yoachim, Jill Desimini, Mike Brady, Byron Stigge, and Kate Kennen, the team developed proposals for unlocking the economic value of vacant land through job-creating land use strategies on aggregated and assembled lots.

Learn more about Stoss's proposals here or download the full presentation.