2018-05-02 "The Loop + The Stitch" wins Chouteau Greenway Design Competition in St. Louis
Boston — May 2, 2018

The Chouteau Greenway Design Competition partners and jury announced today that the team led by Stoss Landscape Urbanism has won the international competition to design a new greenway to connect St. Louis's Forest Park and Gateway Arch. The competition was conducted by Great Rivers Greenway and joined by partners in a unique public-private partnership that aims to transform St. Louis.

The Chouteau Greenway builds on all of what makes St. Louis great, and re-imagines it as a place connected by opportunity, access, and a diversity of shared experiences. The greenway opens new chances for discovery, enchantment, and appreciation through the lens of movement. Together with our team, we are excited to be a part of this defining moment and to contribute to the city's renaissance.

The Loop + The Stitch embodies our intention to promote connection, prosperity, inclusion, reconciliation, innovation, and joy. The Loop links the civic and spectacular icons and histories of the central city, connecting Washington University and Forest Park to downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch. The Stitch links neighbors to neighbors and the visitor to the everyday authenticity of St. Louis. Together, the greenway routes build on a set of "social common denominators" (food, water, public space, stories, currency, etc.) that are shared by all despite socio-cultural and socio-economic differences. In all these ways the Chouteau Greenway inscribes itself into the whole of the city, creating new opportunity through economic development and job creation and connecting assets, opportunities, neighborhoods, and people across its rich and diverse fabric.

The Stoss team is led by Boston- and Los Angeles-based Stoss Landscape Urbanism and includes Urban Planning for the American City, ALTA, Marlon Blackwell Architects, Damon Davis, De Nichols, Mallory Nezam, David Mason and Associates, HR&A, Amanda Williams, Lochmueller, and Diversity Awareness Partnership.

"On behalf of our entire team, we are thrilled to be selected for the Chouteau Greenway project—an incredible initiative for St. Louis that looks to knit together the city's well-known destinations with neighborhoods, workplaces, and institutions east to west, and north to south. We look forward to working with Great Rivers Greenway, its incredible partners, the City, and with all the stakeholders and citizens of St. Louis in the coming weeks and months to craft and refine a strategy for engaging everyone in the future of this greenway."
— Chris Reed, Founder + Director, Stoss

About Stoss
Stoss is a cutting-edge design firm based in Boston and Los Angeles that believes in the productive role of landscape in the making and re-making of cities and social spaces.

We specialize in urban and landscape revitalization. We design public spaces, cities, and landscapes to respond and adapt to changes in climate, demographics, and economies. We advise on project strategies for clients thinking about what's next. We research new applications for technologies, infrastructures, and ecologies in ways that transform people's experiences. We imagine new possibilities, creating value and vibrancy in challenging places.

We are as interested in how projects work for people and clients as we are in what they look like. We believe it's possible to be both inventive and pragmatic, beautiful and functional. And we're interested in simple technical efficiencies and hybrid solutions that can do many things at the same time—most importantly enriching the lives and experiences of people.