2014-05-21 Pre-Order Chris's New Book: Projective Ecologies
Chris Reed's new book, Projective Ecologies, is now available for pre-order. The book is co-edited with Nina-Marie Lister and features essays by leading designers and thinkers, including Daniel Botkin, James Corner, Peter Del Tredici, Erle Ellis, Richard Forman, GROSS.MAX, Christopher Hight, Sanford Kwinter, Sean Lally, Anuradha Mathur, OMA, Charles Waldheim, West 8, Jane Wolff, and many others.

Order your copy for delivery in June. And until then, check out an excerpt from ACTAR.

Projective Ecologies takes stock of contemporary ecological research and speculates on potential paths forward for design. Where is ecological theory going? What do current research trajectories suggest for future practice? How can advances in ecological modeling, social theory, and digital visualization inform more robust design thinking and production? This volume presents a range of perspectives from architects, landscape architects, scientists, theorists, and planners.