2014-10-24 Team Stoss chosen to take on the challenges of vacant land reuse in New Orleans
Team Stoss has been selected as one of three finalists for the Future Ground competition, sponsored by the Van Alen Institute and the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. The competition is aimed at developing strategies for reusing vacant land in New Orleans. Stoss . Sloss leads an energetic and collaborative group of entrepreneurial, activist, and research-based design practices, along with a group of academics and researchers from across the country.

Chris, Scott and Amy are joined by Ann Yoachim of Tulane University School of Architecture, Byron Stigge of Level Infrastructure, Jonathan Tate of the Office of Jonathan Tate and Tulane University, Kate Kennen of Offshoots, Liz Ogbu of Studio O, Jill Desimini of the Graduate School of Design, Teresa Lynch of MassEconomics, and Michael Brady of the Detroit Land Bank and the Center for Community Progress.

For more information and to stay up to date, visit Future Ground at the Van Alen Institute.