City of New Bedford
$ 9 Million
Design Team
Chris Reed, Aki Omi, Ben Kuchinsky
This innovative and award-winning proposal for a waterfront park in coastal New England taps into on - site stormwater resources to generate an innovative and sustainable "eco-park". Here, dramatic landforms capture and collect stormwater from this site and adjacent neighborhoods.

Openings between the landforms create a network of walking paths; form protected "seed pods" which generate new habitat; and allow for the insertion of activity spaces, including industrial ruin gardens, sloping lawns, sports fields and courts, gardens, and small play spaces.

The vegetal strategy is two-fold and focuses on the seed - dispersal mechanisms and ecological characteristics of the selected plants, rather than on their form or horticultural value. Wind-dispersed seeds from perimeter groves and gravity-dispersed seeds from whips, shrubs, and grasses ensure a resilient set of vegetal ecologies to emerge and replenished through time.

Signature wind turbines marking the site as a regional destination are visible from the entire harbor and take advantage of federal funding programs to generate revenue for future construction phases and long-term park maintenance.

Together, landform and vegetal strategies initiate establishment of a dynamic " performance ground" for growth, sucession, and modification.

The project design was forged in close consultation with public stakeholders and community groups, as well as local, state, and federal agencies.