Connected City Design Studio
489 acres
Design Team
SHoP Architects

James Lima Planning + Development (development + economics)
NelsonNygaard (transportation)
Gresham, Smith & Partners (local strategies + project implementation)
LimnoTech (water sciences + environmental engineering)

Advisory Team:
Buro Happold (structural, civil, + sustainable engineering)
ETM Associates, LLC (programming, operations, + management)
Hyper Density Hyper Landscape is a strategy and vision for the future of Dallas, one that reunites the city with its river and sets the stage for transformation. The riverfront plan intensifies the existing qualities of Dallas's urban and natural landscapes and, in so doing, helps to realize the full potential of the region's development opportunities, economic prosperity, and natural resources. It is about dense city districts full of energy and exuberance, and intense landscapes that play many roles—social, economic, and environmental.

At the core of this approach are three new, dynamic, mixed-used neighborhoods interspersed within regions of variegated, programmed, and sustainable landscape. The expansion of the city grid and the city green has mutually beneficial properties that would make Dallas more livable, but also more vibrant and more resilient. At the center of this landscape is the old Trinity River, brought back to life as an innovative series of active public spaces, wetlands, and gardens that double as water filters and flood basins. These new spaces would be inter-connected with a new light-rail system along Riverfront Boulevard and a pedestrian promenade, making the Trinity floodplain the largest publicly accessible green space in Texas.

This project sought to intensify the growing energy and vibrancy in the heart of Dallas, where people can live, work, and play. It brings the experience of nature directly to the city's doorstep, allowing for urban and landscape experiences not possible anywhere else, and filling in spaces that urban development cannot.

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