New Orleans Redevelopment Association + Van Alen Institute Future Ground
350 sq mi
Design Team
Mass Economics
Jonathan Tate of OJT
Liz Ogbu
Ann Yoachim
Jill Desimini
Mike Brady
Byron Stigge
Kate Kennen of Offshoots
Working Vacancy is a strategy for unlocking the economic value of vacant land for putting it to work economically, socially, and environmentally. It is a tactical and flexible approach to vacant land usage that addresses aggregated and assembled lots, rather than individual lots. It is about economic opportunity and aligning economic development with land use choices over the short and long terms. It is about building on New Orleans' distinct social, cultural, and environmental foundations. And, through implementation of productive landscape and jobs-creating land use strategies, Working Vacancy creates a vision for the future of New Orleans that addresses underserved existing populations; initiates retention strategies for energetic young workers who cannot find affordable housing and jobs; invites entirely new populations in to reinforce and stabilize neighborhoods, and seeks to alleviate significant shortages in economic opportunity, affordable housing, developable land, and land maintenance resources. In short, it's a strategy for re-making the city's least productive and empty lots as vibrant, productive, and energetic landscapes for a revitalized New Orleans.

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