BML Group
$4.0 million
Design Team

Quadrangle Architects Limited (Architecture)
Bousfields Inc (Planning/Urban Design)
E.R.A. Architects Inc (Heritage Preservation)
Archaeological Services Inc (Archeology)
Urbacon Limited (Project Management)
Bruce A. Brown Associates (Environmental)
Counterpoint Engineering Inc (Stormwater Management + Municipal Servicing)
BA Group (Transportation)
Valcoustics Canada Ltd (Noise + Vibration)
Theakston Environmental Control (Micro-Climate + Pedestrian Wind Analysis)
First Parliament Park is a 2 acre urban plaza in Toronto that will commemorate the site's unique histories, most notably Upper Canada's first parliament buildings.

Key elements of the plaza trace the site's histories. Before European settlement, the shoreline of Lake Ontario ran immediately south of the site. The site itself was densely forested. The site later included Toronto's fist parliament building (early to mid 1800s), a jail (mid to late 1800s), and a gasification plan (late 1800s to mid 1900s). Today, a mixed-use building with ground-level plaza is set to be built on the site.

The parliament building's footprint becomes a clearing in the otherwise densely planted plaza, featuring dramatic fog grates. Subtle topographic changes in the plaza trace the parliament's edge. In the fall, the vibrant reds of a cluster of sycamore trees reveal the jail's location. Along the Berkeley Street, two rows of lighting and benches suggest the structural grid, chimneys, and skylights o the gasification plant.

The layout of the plaza encourages casual hang-out while also accommodating a range of events - arts fairs, musical acts, book sales tied to the adjacent library, and small performances by the Canadian Stage Company across the street.