Built Year
City of Grand Rapids
1.25 acres
Design Team

FTC&H, Civil Engineer
The Coldbrook Edge is a pilot project resulting from a multi-disciplinary, multi-site master plan focused on reconnecting the Grand River with the community of Grand Rapids as a part of new efforts to restore the rapids to the Grand River, an interest in creating new recreational opportunities along the water, and an emerging vision to create a more energetic and resilient downtown. The project looks to provide a singular experience and strengthen the City's identity as progressive, healthy, and vibrant. The result is a vision for redesigning the Grand River's outmoded flood protection system with accessible and public amenities aimed not only at protecting the city from an increasing flood risk, but that also provide entertainment and recreation, including floating boardwalks, kayak docks, yoga decks, biking trails, and wildlife habitat.

Implementation of the plans continues in the form of the Coldbrook Edge project, a short segment of the river trail, planted flood berm, flood gardens, a river overlook, and river accesspoint, that serves as a test case for some of the principles articulated in the plan. It is the result of an energetic, productive, and collaborative effort between Stoss, FTCH, Engineering, Parks, DGRI, and many others.