City of Pittsburgh
220 acres
Design Team
Interface Studio
Sam Schwartz Engineering
Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc.
Mondre Energy
Duane Morris Government Strategies
Ninigret Partners
Tactile Design Group
Pittsburgh's Uptown EcoInnovation District is a groundbreaking initiative that combines the goals of both EcoDistricts and Innovation Districts that have helped to positively transform communities across the country.

Stoss collaborated closely with Philadelphia-based Interface Studio on an inclusive district planning process, engaging community members in a detailed plan for one of Pittsburgh's most underserved neighborhoods. The process emphasizes a bottom-up model of planning and development to create a resilient and sustainable city and reflects a new approach to development focused on economic opportunity, universal access, smart and efficient infrastructure and green building practices.

The result has been a new model for an environmentally responsible innovation district the improves job growth along the Uptown and West Oakland neihborhoods and improves this regional transit corridor to make it walkable, bikeable, and transit-oriented, creating a platofrm for a healthier, happier lifestyle for local residents. The plan also fosters greater equity in access, while creating a better environment for local businesses to succeed.

The project is the product of ongoing collaboration among Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, City of Pittsburgh, Sustainable Pittsburgh, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Port Authority of Allegheny County, and Allegheny County Economic Development, neighborhood residents and groups, universities, and other partners.