Los Angeles Times
Design Team
Part two in a two-part exploration of Los Angeles's aging freeway infrastructure by La Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne. Published in July 2016, the proposal reimagines the 2 Freeway stub as it runs south from the 5 Freeway and descends into Silver Lake and Echo Park, northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The southwest stub of Freeway 2 is ripe for re-thinking in ways that might serve as an incremental model for similar freeway stubs in the region, and eventually for longer portions of freeway. Our proposal does so without pretending it away—like many others, we acknowledge the appeal and heroism of these infrastructural monuments—but by turning the freeway on its head: re-making it as a social connector, a smog and carbon absorber, an important piece of sustainable hydrologic infrastructure, and a catalyst for civic, recreational, cultural, and economic activities. We re-imagine this monofunctional infrastructure as an environmental, social, and civic machine, cultivating life for local residents and for a regional (perhaps even global) constituency.

Imagine if the 2 Freeway ended in a brilliantly colored, eco-smart park on the LA Times