Taichung City Government
US 88,815,789
Design Team

Shu Chang Associates Architects - local coordination + arch.
Arup - sustainability, engineering, etc.
Project Projects - graphics
Hang-Ming Hsia - planting
Aqua-cultures is an innovative park model that integrates recreation, culture, water treatment, and biodiversity.

Every year, Taiwan receives an average rainfall of 2,467 mm – more than the annual precipitation of the United States, India, and Australia combined. Despite this abundance, more than 50% of the rainfall is lost, primarily because of Taiwan's steep geography, tropical climate, and widespread urbanization in the lower elevation areas.

These issues, while significant and challenging, provide Taiwan with a rare opportunity to become an international leader in ecological water management practices. Through the integration of an innovative and symbiotic water treatment system, Taichung's newest cultural park can provide a sustainable vision and evocative experience of water management for the rest of the world.

Aqua Cultures is a living filter for water and air that catalyzes a robust range of urban programs. Recreational and cultural activities occur within, atop, and beside the pools of water -- floating lanterns flickering in the night, kayaking and canoeing on warm summer afternoons, children laughing as they watch for fish in the dense reeds, and secluded moments of quiet reflection next to the gurgling waters.