Fujian Tian Yi Harbor Development Co
26.2 sqkm
Design Team

Dongshan Fishery Harbor Town is located at the northeast Dongshan Island, which has one of the most important fishery harbor Daao at the center of Minnan Coastal area in China and many excellent coastal sceneries. The planning project envisions a new chapter for the town that will offer many great opportunities for a co-development of fishery industry and ecology tourism through a series of strategical schemes and spatial re-organization for the island. It highlighted and preserved the extraordinary natural resources on the island as well as the fishery cultural characteristics that deeply inherited on the island. It is about transformation, preservation, connection, interaction, integration of the island.

It is a challenging task though, including many contradictory issues need to be addressed, about economic development and environmental protection, about natural resource preservation and tourism development, about local citizen living spaces and resort sites, etc. But in another way, it is a fascinating fusion of programs and goals that generate creativity and distinction of Dongshan.

The existing urban fabric on the island has been spontaneous weaving and intersecting with the existing nature patches. The first question is how we connect those urban and nature patches on the island to form corridors- how we stitch the green to create parks for citizens, how we link the coastal line to generate a continuous experience for visitors, how we introduce the ocean to the inner island and bring the salty breeze in. Three systems are introduced here: coastal tourist Blue Belt, inner island preservation Green Belt and three corridors connect the blue and green. They function as public space connection, ecology corridors, tourist route, green infrastructure and eco-transportation link, they sustain the whole island with a greener way of linking and living.

It is not just about create continuity though, it is also about finding identification along the links. The traditional Fuzhou planning idea of Fang(Neighborhood) and Xiang(Street) is introduced in the new era, to re-establish a serious of more intimate scale neighborhoods that run autonomously and interactively. Each neighborhood in between belts and corridors display distinctive topographical, contextual, economical and cultural features. They are a cluster of little "islands" featured by rocky shorelines, beaches, mountains, fishery harbor, mix-use piers, historical towns, cultural reservation sites, salt marsh reservation, preserved farmland and fish ponds, existing salt field, new technology parks, vibrant commercial and green industrial spaces. They form dialogue with each other through the belts and corridor links.

A series of knoll islands adjacent the main Dongshan island are suggested as crucial spots for preservation, scientific research for local ecology system and potential adventure field for visitors.