Great Rivers Greenway
Design Team
Urban Planning for the American City
Marlon Blackwell Architects
Damon Davis
Mallory Nezam
De Nichols
Amanda Williams
David Mason and Associates
Diversity Awareness Partnership
The Chouteau Greenway began as an east west proposition: connecting green space to green space, Arch to Park. But is this one line enough? There are neighborhoods both north and south and stories of the city that deserve attention and unearthing, that are crying out for equitable consideration and meaningful engagement. Our concept begins with a recognition of the multiple narratives of St. Louis that shape its identity, both good and not so good. An iconic landmark, a beloved park, nationally recognized universities, biotech and innovation - these identities are present and strong. But there are others – hidden stories, a neighborhood erasure, histories of racial tensions. This proposal acknowledges these icons and lost histories, gives voice to the myriad of amazing voices and places that make St. Louis what it is and assembles and reconciles them into the Chouteau Greenway.

The project proposes an east-west Loop that connects Washington University to Forest Park to downtown and the Gateway Arch. We have also proposed a north –south Stitch, that connects Fairgrounds Park and North St. Louis to Tower Grove Park and South St. Louis. In this way the Chouteau Greenway inscribes itself into the city, connecting assets, opportunities, neighborhoods, and people across its rich and diverse fabric.

The Loop + The Stitch wind through spaces that are connected by movement, as imagined on a bicycle, in a stroller, or in your jogging shoes. The Loop + The Stitch are about mobility, access and opportunity. The farther reaching ambition pairs mobility with a romance for the city. The discovery, enchantment, and appreciation that viewing a place through the lens that movement can afford.