"Hybridized Hydrologies" by Chris Reed
in Urban Space Design 17
Published February 2007

Urban Space Design / China, 2007
Urban Space Design (URBAN FLUX) is an architectural professional journals, organized by the Tianjin University, under the State Press and Publication Administration. It focuses on the urban and architectural experiments, and discuss the unique perspective of urban planning, architectural design and architectural education. Attention to construction of cultural background, urban context and the intrinsic properties of architectural, dissemination of architectural philosophy, social values, explore the buildings in the city and the human spirit keynote, multiple perspectives, case depth analysis, mining design ideas construction. It shows new trends and developments in the direction of the current field of architecture, from the idea, concept, scheme and detail study the forefront of academic theory, and dissemination of industry information, intended to guide the new trend of the building, and establish a true and living new sound.