"Landscape Urbanism Practices" by Chris Reed
in Center 14: On Landscape Urbanism
Edited by Dean Almy
Published April 1, 2007 by The Center for American Architecture and Design
Center 14: On Landscape Urbanism, 2007
The theme of this volume is Landscape Urbanism with the agenda of linking emergent theories of Landscape Urbanism with its contemporary practice. While a few recent symposiums and articles have addressed components of the subject, the underlying theoretical trajectory of this emergent field has still not been codified in an accessible way. The publication of Volume 14 of CENTER will fill this void with the inclusion of a reprint series of historically significant texts, combined with original articles by noted authors and emerging practitioners, and documentation of the Landscape Urbanism Charrette and Symposium held at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture in 2002.