"Performance Practices", Chris Reed
in 30 60 90 09: Regarding Public Space
Edited by Cecilia Benites, Clare Lyster, Emily Abruzzo, Alexander Briseno, Joanthan D. Solomon
Published December 1, 2005 by Princeton Architectural Press
30 60 90 09: Regarding Public Space, 2005
The journal 306090 continues to garner acclaim throughout the architecture and design world as an essential forum for issues of architectural practice and theory. Its role as a voice for young architects, designers, and academics is reinforced by its knack for approaching broad topics from unique perspectives and synthesizing multiple points of view.

306090 09: Regarding Public Space explores the conception, production, and operation of contemporary public space in the city from the vantage of its design, development, construction, and use. Rather than dwell on what public space is, 306090's guest editors identify it as the material manifestation of intersecting forces (economics, program, sustainable land-use) whose formation involves a complex set of manipulations in both physical space and managerial aptitude. The articles in this volume, by contributors from cities across the globe, test the ways in which we articulate the built environment to make public space, interrogating it through examples from practice and theoretical developments alike.

Republished in StossLU and C3/Korea, 2007