"Landscape Architectural Practice Now" Interview with Chris Reed
in Harvard Design Magazine 33
Published Fall/Winter 2010-2011
HDM 33: Design Practices Now, Vol. II: Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, 2010
What are the pressing issues and problems in the work lives of contemporary landscape archite cts, urban designers, and architects? What supports and what obstructs their efforts to help create outstanding buildings and places? What current conditions for practice are novel, and how should they be understood and managed? What are ideal structures for the collaborations of designers with owners and builders, and with other professionals, such as engineers, fabricators, and ecological scientists? What can be learned from the variations in design practices across regions, nations, and continents? How are new digital technologies affecting design practice?

In this final volume on design practice, designers from around the world address these questions and offer images of design details of their work. In addition, scholar/critics focus on particular issues in analytic detail. The main focus here is on landscape architecture and urban design.

Landscape Architecture Practice Now
Discussion with Gary Hilderbrand, Signe Nielsen, Linda Pollak, Chris Reed, Lucinda Sanders, William Saunders, Michael Van Valkenburgh