Erie Street Plaza and Safe Zone projects
in Art+Scape
Published January 2012 by Dopress Books
320 pages
Art+Scape, 2012
Landscape design plays a unique and important role in environmental planning and public visual interaction. It can build a distinguishable image or local characteristics as the landmark for a certain place, promote the value of commercial development projects, combine human being and the environment together, as well as arousing people's mutal feeling for art and nature. However, many landscape designers are facing a rough challenge: many aspects of landscape design including materials, techniques, artistic expression, professional knowledge and skills are gradually getting similar.

Fresh ideas will always be highly adored! This set of books which is full of creativity and inspiration is divided into two volumes: Art+Scape! emphasizes art installation, sculpture and artistic landscape architecture as well as the designs with creative ideas built in the nature and renovated environment, on the other hand, Nature+Scape! tends to stress on natural waterscape, vertical planting and the layout of vegetation as well as designs with natural concepts. All these highly innovative and professional projects featured in the set of books come from notable contemporary landscape designers and artists worldwide. These talented designers along with their acclaiming works make this book a practical and priceless reference for landscape designers and project developers. Furthermore, this set of books also obtains a joint recommendation from a group of world-renowned senior landscape designers and in which they have shared their newly outstanding works.