"Landscape Urbanism in Practice" by Chris Reed
in Topos 71
Landscape Urbanism
Release Date: Jun 30, 2010
Topos 71: Landscape Urbanism, 2010
What is Landscape Urbanism? A discipline, an instrument or just a term to promote people and programmes? Topos 71 is dedicated to Landscape Urbanism. Charles Waldheim, James Corner and many others will have a critical debate on the occasion of Chris Reed of Stoss LU receiving the Topos Landscape Award 2010.

Topos Landscape Award 2010. Stoss Landscape Urbanism
2010 marks the fifth time the Topos Landscape Award has been granted. This time the distinction went to the landscape architecture firm Stoss Landscape Urbanism based in Boston, MA, USA. Author: n., n.