Projective Ecologies
Edited by Chris Reed
& Nina-Marie Lister
Published 2014 by
Harvard University
Graduate School of Design
Actar Publishers, NY
Projective Ecologies, 2014
Projective Ecologies takes stock of the diversity of contemporary ecological research and theory and speculates on potential paths forward for design practices. It is an explicit recognition of a plurality of ecological theories and applied research underpinning contemporary understandings of cultural and natural living systems. The book includes new and reprinted essays and drawings that trace various relationships between ecological thinking and design thinking over the past two decades, and moving forward. Contributors include Daniel Botkin, James Corner, Peter Del Tredici, Erle Ellis, Richard Forman, GROSS.MAX, Christopher Hight, Sanford Kwinter, Sean Lally, Nina-Marie Lister, OMA, Chris Reed, Charles Waldheim, West 8, Jane Wolff, and many others.