Alex Marchinski
Alex is a senior landscape designer at Stoss Landscape Urbanism. Alex holds a bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from Penn State University with a minor in Geography. At Stoss, Alex has focused on projects situated in neighborhoods that have undergone historical and systematic marginalization. Through community engagement and advocacy, these projects work to empower existing neighborhood leaders and design spaces that cater to local communities while having lasting city-wide impacts. Alex has led landscape planning projects dealing with issues of resiliency, sea level rise, equitable development, and public open space strategy in Grand Rapids, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Boston.

Alex has worked in Florence, Italy with VIDA Landscape Architects and Planners and on projects in Ohio, Sweden, and Tuscany with L+A Landscape Architecture. In 2014, Alex also served as the research assistant to Karen Lutsky of The Ohio State Universty and Sean Burkholder of the University of Buffalo where he researched water level and dredging in the Great Lakes.