Elaine Stokes
Elaine is a project designer at Stoss, bringing a keen interest in landscapes that reinvigorate underutilized open space in cities. Building on her previous studies in architecture and urban design at Washington University in St. Louis, she recently completed a Master of Landscape Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, graduating with distinction. Throughout her design work, Elaine has focused on the social implications of design on both macro and micro scales. Her work at the GSD continued along this tangent, tapping into the historic context of demographic shifts and the impacts of landscape and land-based policy upon local populations. She has conducted research in London and Copenhagen, in addition to several domestic sites, and her work has been featured in several publications and exhibitions in St. Louis and Cambridge. Her most recent work, Restructuring the Edgelands, considers the need to modify the concept of boundaries in shrinking cities in order to encourage occupation of interstitial spaces.