venice high school


The Venice High School project is a 23-Acre site renovation, contracted by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The overall scope involves a uniquely envisioned and informed landscape, multiple building renovations, and full scope athletics facilities. It is inspired by the school’s heritage front lawn and the canals of Venice, CA, and frames the environment as a teaching tool, dually enhancing the social life of campus and facilitating the movement across the entire campus. 

The design is conceived as a series of canals and islands with walkways, paths and promenades developed as social conveyors, and islands as destinations with featured landscapes for shade and horticultural curation. The canals perform as active circulation which connect major nodes and campus buildings. The islands frame landscapes and outdoor program areas such as small outdoor classrooms.  In addition to enhancing the campus as a horticultural demonstration, these islands are embedded with landscape for shading, filtering stormwater, and creating programmatic pauses in the campus flow.

Each quad is uniquely designed to respond to different program requirements featuring a diverse tree canopy that complement the ground level landscape, creating cooler microclimatic pockets. Seasonal blooming trees and plants in the Main Quad create a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. The Senior Quad allows for outdoor break out and passive gathering space under a mature canopy of magnolias. In addition, this quad represents the beginning of a series of landscapes that gather and treat stormwater, featuring plants that tolerate wet and dry cycles. The Science Quad has an Olive grove which supports demonstration gardens and outdoor classrooms that can be flexibly programmed to meet curricular goals. The academic and athletic zones are bridged by a main east west promenade flanked by a berm, which creates a unique topographical feature that punctuates the largely flat site, providing an edge to the academic campus and a place for gathering.


2016 - 2019




23 Acres




Los Angeles, CA


Stoss NAC Architecture