Who We Are

Our studio in South Boston.

Our studio in South Boston.

Stoss is a pioneering design firm focused on creating resilient social spaces that foster vitality, equality and community within the public realm.

We specialize in urban and landscape revitalization that acts as a catalyst for change—environmentally, culturally and economically. We advise on project strategies for clients thinking about what's next. We're landscape architects and urbanists, educators and entrepreneurs, collectively working to envision new possibilities and create value and vibrancy in evolving places.

Curious and resourceful, we look for solutions that are inventive and pragmatic, beautiful and functional. We research, forming partnerships to uncover new applications, materials, and efficiencies, developing hybrid solutions for technologies, infrastructures, and ecologies that can do many things at the same time—most importantly enrich the lives and experiences of people.


Central to our practice is a focus on creating landscapes that actively promote interaction, connecting people to one another and their environment.

We collaborate equitably, effectively and efficiently in order to design solutions that not only solve vexing problems, but also achieve enduring community support.

We build flexibility and multi-faceted resiliency into our design solutions, ensuring our projects are adaptive to climate, economic and social change.

our story

Founded in Boston in 2001, Stoss is a Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award winner for urban planning and landscape projects that integrate urbanism, landscape, infrastructure, and sustainability. Our practice concentrates on creating socially vital and resilient urban landscapes, flexible open spaces, and intimate neighborhoods in which folks can live, work, and play. We work with cities, public agencies, institutions, and private interests on multi-faceted and varied projects. At any point in time, we are involved in conceiving, designing and managing construction for; parks and open spaces; urban and campus design; ecological and resiliency planning; municipal and regional strategies; multi-scale landscape infrastructures; development and remediation projects; furnishings and exhibitions.

Our diverse, international team, views every project as a fresh opportunity to discover the inherent nuances, unique perspectives and historical depth particular to each place. Whether a complex coastal resiliency master plan or an urban pocket park, we dive deeply to find authentic solutions that are layered with possibility. These efforts have garnered numerous awards from organizations such as the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Boston Society of Architects, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, for both built and speculative projects.

Founding Director, Chris Reed, is recognized internationally as a leading voice in the transformation of landscapes and cities, working alternately as a researcher, strategist, teacher, designer, and advisor. He is currently Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.