At Stoss we have an inclusive, supportive and lively culture where employees, partners and clients are inspired to solve complex problems with creativity and collaborate strategically to realize their ideas.

There’s no doubt, this is a team that works hard and never stops thinking — but we try to have fun along the way. We’re a wildly diverse group with people from all over the globe, we think that makes us an inquisitive, enterprising and resourceful bunch.

In our work life, we value collaboration, between and among all staff working on a project—no matter their position or level of experience—and between and among consultants and outside collaborators. Brainstorming, development of multiple options for discussion, formal and informal interactions are all part of this. As designers we value invention, and new applications. We don’t simply re-use standard details, we find ways to adapt them to new ends.

But most of all, we value people who take personal initiative, who can bring energy and personality to their work, who develop their own particular expertise, and who can contribute to our studio culture. We value people who have outside interests, and who bring their unique perspectives and enthusiasm to everything they do.

Summer 2019 Team Retreat

Summer 2019 Team Retreat