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The Chouteau Greenway project launched as the The Chouteau Greenway Design Competition with the impetus to connect St. Louis’s Forest Park with the Gateway Arch, with spurs north and south to connect the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, parks, business and arts districts, employment centers, transit and dozens of cultural and educational institutions.

Stoss, leading a team of 12 firms in an internationally focused competition, was chosen from a group of 19 entrants as the finalist, winning the competition to design the new greenway. The competition was conducted by Great Rivers Greenway and joined by partners in a unique public-private partnership that aims to transform St. Louis. The project is an ambitious 10 year project that reimagines St. Louis as a place connected by opportunity, access, and a diversity of shared experiences.

Called ‘The Loop + The Stitch’, the Stoss entry embodied the team’s intention to promote connection, prosperity, inclusion, reconciliation, innovation, and joy. The ‘Loop’ links the civic icons and histories of the central city through 19 city neighborhoods. Together, the greenway routes build on a set of “social common denominators” (food, water, public space, stories, currency, etc.) that are shared by all despite socio-cultural and socio-economic differences. In all these ways, the Chouteau Greenway project aspires to create new opportunity through economic development, job creation—connecting assets, opportunities, neighborhoods, and people across its rich and diverse fabric.

The design of the project framework, currently underway, is expected to be complete in Summer 2019, whereby particular pieces of geography will be studied in projects called “labs” to test the framework and further design specific greenway segments. Learn more about the project!




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Great Rivers Greenway


St. Louis, MO


Lamar Johnson Collaborative
Marlon Blackwell Architects
Civic Creatives
Heart Ache + Paint
Justice + Joy
David Mason and Associates
Tillett Lighting Design Associates
DJM Ecological
Bruce Mau Design

Full scope of the Chouteau Greenway as proposed in the Great Rivers Greenway competition.

Full scope of the Chouteau Greenway as proposed in the Great Rivers Greenway competition.