movement on main


Movement on Main is about shaping healthy bodies, a healthy street, and a healthy & vibrant community through the Near Westside Initiative. The solution plays with light and color to create a new identity for Wyoming Street, a new activity center for neighborhood life, and playful new surfaces & structures that inspire movement in people of all ages.

The project includes activity mounds (small and large), seating elements and rain gardens arranged as social rooms along the street that allow for people to sit, jump, skip, run, sled, and play. Given Syracuse's gray skies and long winters, light and color are used to animate the mounds and the street. Projected lights are activated by people via motion sensors, and reflective surfaces (tilted panels, colored paint in street and on light poles, embedded road reflectors) catch the headlights of passing cars, engaging all of Wyoming Street in a playful game of flickering lights and glowing walls. Slight topographic shifts along the edge of the street and on the west sidewalk also work to direct water flow towards rain gardens and other green infrastructure elements, to manage and filter storm water and improve environmental health.







0.5 acres


Near Westside Initiative


Syracuse, NY


Höweler + Yoon Architecture
Nitsch Engineering
Angie Cradock ScD, MPE