L Street Power plant


The L Street Power Station is a unique opportunity to combine adaptive re-use of historically significant industrial buildings along with neighborhood creation in the context of a thriving working port and a growing residential neighborhood in South Boston. The Project will provide a range of public and community benefits to promote community welfare, new open space, environmental remediation, economic activity, improved circulation, and a mix of uses and housing options. It endeavors to integrate the Site’s industrial past within a neighborhood scale street grid and instill a unique and vibrant residential character. It is both a place that is part of an established neighborhood and a unique district open to new forms of retail, commerce and living.

Stoss is working with the private development team to create a site plan with an open space approach and develop comprehensive urban design guidelines including; public realm improvements, complete street plan, and enhancements to pedestrian access and circulation along the waterfront as well as, to and from the neighborhood. The design team intends to celebrate and retain historic remnants of the iconic building to imbue the site with an authentic sense of place. 




In progress


15 Acres


Redgate/Hilco Global


South Boston, MA



resiliency planning

In this animation, we show how modifying the water’s edge using a tiered approach provides a significant opportunity to blend the boundaries between land and water, to layer in dynamic ecologies, and to activate and beautifully address tidal and nuisance flooding.

As the water rises and recedes layers of structure are exposed or covered accordingly. Living with water strategies thus become incorporated in to the resiliency planning.