point park


Stoss is currently working with the City of Cambridge on three small parks in East Cambridge, including Point Park. The design for these parks developed out of an initial programming study completed by the City and began with a ‘program confirmation’ stage in which Stoss studied the given program sizes and reflected the findings in the design solution. As part of the process, Stoss also worked in conjunction with the City in the development of further public engagement activities and refinements to both the programming and park design.

As small ‘leftover’ spaces within a quickly developing area of Cambridge, these parks are expected to add important space for stormwater collection, both active and passive recreation, intimate spaces for local workers to sit and eat lunch, host small events such as outdoor movies or music. Partnering with Nitsch Engineering, the team has developed sustainable stormwater systems with a high level of stormwater infiltration to meet the City of Cambridge regulatory requirements. The stormwater systems collect stormwater generated from the parks, as well from adjacent streets and parcels, providing a level of stormwater management that exceeds regulatory standards.






0.25 acres


City of Cambridge


Cambridge, MA


Nitsch Engineering

Design study with wedge seating

Design study with wedge seating

Design study with circular vignettes

Design study with circular vignettes