COASTAL RESILIENCE SOLUTIONS FOR east boston & charlestown


Stoss, Kleinfelder and ONE Architecture & Urbanism developed a master plan addressing Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown. Taking recommendations from the 2016 Climate Ready Boston report, the team led public engagement, strategic development and detailed design efforts culminating in recommendations for short- and long-term, layered infrastructure and open space strategies. 

The design not only protects against successive changes in sea levels and storm effects, but leverages resiliency efforts to propose improvements beneficial to local communities, the environment, underserved populations, public agencies, and private landowners.  It also provided both opportunistic and strategic recommendations for implementation in East Boston and Charlestown, as well as policies, evaluation criteria, and prototypes that can be adapted across the city, subject to additional localized conditions.

The engagement strategy was multi-pronged and designed to reach individual property owners, public agencies, existing and potential partners, and a wide swath of the surrounding communities and local residents with the goal of building a critical mass of consensus.  Throughout the project, feedback from the community engagement process, and regular input from the steering committee, was reflected in ongoing reports in order to best tailor design strategies to the circumstances and stakeholders at hand.






500+ acres


City of Boston


Boston, MA


ONE Architecture and Urbanism
Woods Hole Group