Galveston 2030


This project began with an ambitious goal; develop a community vision plan for Galveston by engaging at minimum 15% of the population. The end result would serve as a basis for revisions to the City's Comprehensive Plan that will commence during the first quarter of 2019.

Primarily a planning project, design was emphasized as a key element of the visioning process. Working with Huitt-Zollars, Asakura Robinson and Mass Economics, the team proposed several initiatives that developed from deep research and a robust civic engagement process. These recommendations became the cornerstone for the final report;

  1. To enhance the seawall design, moving away from a pure engineering project to one that considers and fosters ecology and social life. Included in this idea was the recommendation to build a signature open space on the seawall.

  2. Integrate nature into development strategies. Whether for private residences to help lower the cost of flood insurance or making coastal ecology visible in downtown open spaces, the goal is to introduce ecology at every level.

  3. Create a conservation liaison as well as an environmental education strategy.

  4. Set up a review board to evaluate regional coastal barrier proposals.

  5. Connect dredge organizations with organizations doing ecological and resiliency work.

  6. Develop a regional nursery plan for post-disaster vegetation.

  7. Improve parks and open spaces and adapt a floodable play strategy.

  8. Minimize the reliance on infrastructure to solve flooding issues and sea level rise.  Instead, use green infrastructure and strategic infill, development agendas should focus on conserving open space and integrating species that absorb more water than traditional lawns.

The final report challenges Galveston (by 2040) to be…

  • A historic walkable gulf coast city embedded in nature

  • A place where residents can find quality jobs and where all workers can find quality places to live

  • A great place to visit—because it's a great place to live

  • A knowledge center for coastal resilience action and innovation

  • A city that is valued for its’ contributions to the Houston region and the State of Texas


9/2018 - 6/2019




209 square miles


United Way of Galveston
/ Vision Galveston


Galveston, TX


Huitt-Zollars (Lead)
Asakura Robinson
Mass Economics

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Community Engagement | Interactive activities

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