harbour square park


Cloud Park is a proposal for revitalizing Harbour Square Park and the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. The redesigned park re-established the city's direct physical and visual linkages to Lake Ontario, the Harbour, and the Harbour Islands, while creating a compelling, ethereal, and one-of-a-kind public space for Toronto's waterfront. It also re-works and greatly enhances the visitor experience of those using the island ferries by fully integrating the terminal buildings and functions into the verdant and active park.

As inspiring as it is pragmatic, Cloud Park represents the next generation of integrated open space and infrastructure projects, and a bold and distinct complement to Sugar Beach, the Wave Decks, HTO Park, and the many other recent spaces along Toronto's spectacular Harbourfront.

Cloud Park is a fantastical place, one that celebrates Toronto's unique connections to the lake and the islands, that plays off Toronto's diverse and often dramatically phenomenal climate, that imports a bit of island culture to the harbourfront. It's your first experience of island life and all its richness and quirkiness, rather than your last experience of the bustle of the city.

The cloud is manifest as a dramatic new foggy gateway from Bay Street; as a full and brilliant canopy of trees illuminated by the sun and by discrete night lighting; and as an enigmatic series of misting plazas and pools that offer entirely new experiences (swimming and even floating, bubbly hot tubs!) along the harbourfront. The cloud cools when it's hot, warms when it's cold, and creates a dramatic but ethereal new icon at the harbor's edge.

Otherworldly. Enigmatic. Ethereal. A place where distinctions between land and water, earth and sky dissolve. It's design with a light touch, with a pragmatic eye, but with a substantial transformative impact on how we can all re-connect to the harbour and experience the lakefront anew.






7 acres


Waterfront Toronto


Toronto, Ontario


ZAS Architects
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
The Municipal Infrastructure Group
Shoreplan Engineering
BA Group
Ombrages - Eclairage Public
Altus Group